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We are Professional Diamond and Jewelry Buyers

Maxwell Philip Estate Buyers is here to provide you with the fastest and most attentive estate jewelry buying services in the United States. Your needs are our goals, and we maintain the highest ethical standards in the industry. Appraisals are fast, accurate, and guaranteed to be higher than any other estate buying service. Receive immediate reliable payment.

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And remember, we are a company founded on service and customer satisfaction, we'll pay you the highest cash value for your item, even if it is not listed below. Bring us any legitimate offer, and we will beat it!

Buyers of all precious stones (e.g. Diamonds) and precious metals (e.g. Gold)..

Specialty Diamond Buyers:

Old-Mine cut, and diamonds larger than two carats are a specialty

Fine Jewelry Buyers:

Signed pieces, -from well-known designers- and antique pieces of jewelry, are intrinsically worth more than their weight in gold. However any Jewelry with verifiable gold content can be appraised, and the value of gold has never been higher!

Gold Selling:

Gold values have never been higher, you can take advantage by having an appraisal of your jewelry. We pay the most for gold by weight, and if your piece is signature or antique, it may actually, be worth much more.

Fine Watches:

Rolex is a household name, but there are many other "marques" that are considered to be fine watches. And they are often worth much more than just the value of the gold they contain. We are experts at appraising the value of fine watches, so, start an appraisal to find out what yours might be worth!

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